Régi shoot de mégis kedves emlékek fűznek hozzá. Igazi felkéréssel indult és végül a helyzethez mérten elég komoly shoot lett belőle, mert az időjárás nem épp a legkedvezőbb volt a maga 30 Celsius fokával. A cosplayerekis szó szerint keményen megizzadtak a képekért, de végül csak megérte! Persze az angol szövegben leírt Wifi tervek még nem valósultak meg, mert azóta más lett a felszerelésem…

A long time firend inquired for having a small shoot somewhere with her cosplay partner around the beginning of this year. I remembered their costumes and after attaining the radio triggers for flashes this opportunity was perfect for practising with them. Apparently I didn’t expect much from this „tryout” but the outcome exceeded my expectations. The weather seemed so perfect yet so stiffling… nevertheless we managed to accomplish our goal. Thanks for Sophie’s partrner (Gyula) for driving us around and helping us out at the shoot while everyone was worrying about sunburns. We had fun all time and had to do several surly pictures since the characters were not the jocular type at all. After the sultry times we wended our way towards a patisserie for refreshing icecreams and cakes where the ladies surveyed the images on the small screen. Hope next time I get a Wifi card and transfer the pictures to a tablet for more comfortable inspection.

From: Dragon Age Character: Amell (Grey Warden Mage)

Cosplayer: Hebenon Cosplay

Character: Cousland (Warrior)

Cosplayer: Sophie’s Cosplay Guild

Felszerelés / Gear: Canon 1Ds mk II; Sigma 15-30/3.5-4.5; Sigma 24-70/2.8


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